White Foam Board 25 Sheet Cartons

Larger sizes of white foam board sold in cases of 25 and 12 .

White Foam Board / Foamcore is a very strong, lightweight and easily cut art material useful for sign making, backing artwork, mounting photographic art prints, framing,and 3D design and sculpture.

White Foam board consists of three layers; an inner foam layer of polystyrene sandwiched between an outer facing board of clay coated paper.

24"x36"x3/16" White Foam Board 25 Sheet Case
Crafted from high-quality foam material, these boards are lightweight yet sturdy, making them easy to handle and transport...
32 x 40 x 3/16 White Foam Board - 25 Sheet Case
This standard white foam board has a built-in memory, allowing it to return to its original thickness after...
White paper faced on both sides with polystyrene center. 12 pieces.  
White paper liners with white foam core. High Quality,  Made in the USA. ( for 1/8th inch thickness, allow...
48 x 96 x 1/2th White Foam Board 12 Sheet Case
Gilman Bros Insite Reveal White Foam Board. High quality white foam board made in the USA.  InSite® Reveal® is a...
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